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Our FAQ page attempts to answer the most commonly asked questions about our products, support and web store transactions. If you do not find the question/answer you are looking for, please contact our support team using the information on our contact page - http://honestech.com/main/ContactUs.asp
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  [Comcast Customers/Constant Guard Users] Program installs but will not run or open.
Comcast customers and/or Constant Guard users may experience problems running or opening certain Honestech software titles. This can be due to Constant Guard blocking your Honestech program.

To unblock your Honestech program in Constant Guard; open the Constant Guard program and select "Options" at the top of the Constant Guard screen.

Select Manage my "Blocked Programs" rules from the Additional Options at the bottom of the Options screen. From the Manage Blocked Program Rules screen, locate your Honestech program name and set the program to Allow.
A window will pop-up asking "Please Confirm. Are you sure you want to unblock the programs you selected?" Click "Yes" to confirm.

Please use this link for additional information, pictures, etc.
Constant Guard Protection Suite's options tutorial (link to Xfinity's Constant Guard instructions)
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