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With just a few clicks,
you can create spectacular photo slideshows from your digital photos.

honestech™ Photo DVD™ 4.0 allows you to create spectacular photo slideshows using ready made themes or custom building your own to create that one of a kind memory. Using the latest in multi-media technology, you can add motion effects, transitions and text to your images, along with background music and voice over narration. When you are finished, upload your memories to YouTube, or burn them to CD or DVD to give to your friends and family.
honestech™ Photo DVD™ 4.0 offers two options

For Beginners... Easy Mode
The Easy Mode is recommended for those who wish to get started quickly, have limited knowledge of photo software or do not require the use of any editing tools.

1. Select Theme
Select your favorite theme from the list.

2. Import
Import your photos and any video clips to the Storyboard.

3. Publish
Convert your slideshow to DVD or other formats including iPod and YouTube.

For More Customization... Advanced Mode
The Advanced Mode is recommended for users who want more control to shape their slideshow with photo editing capabilities, effects, title options, adding background music and recording voice over narration.

1. Import & Select Theme

2. Edit & Title

3. Add Background Music

4. Add Narration

5. Effects

6. Publish
Photo DVD 4.0
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